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           Dongjun Tech engaged in packaging machinery research and 

           development and manufacturing for many years, has accumulated 

           rich industry experience, to provide customers with unique labeling 

           solutions, in good faith, strength and product quality to obtain 

           industry recognition!


Experienced sales r & D production team


          The company has its own technical research and development team,

          production and manufacturing team, sales and service team, the 

          team members have many years of experience in the automation

          industry, to provide customized services for customers, the company 

          provides one-to-one procurement butler service for each customer, 

          to achieve the procurement process visualization

Transportation safety, after - sale rest assured


          During delivery, the goods are protected by multiple packaging to ensure safe

          transportation without damage



Integrity management, differentiated services, and 

           win-win with customers




Dongjun Provides non-standard automation solutions for over 6000 projects of all kinds

         Stable product quality       

AVIC filmed the video on site
Anhui Hongshi disc labeling machine live video
Automatic double-side labeling machine
Automatic vertical round bottle positioning
Automatic double side corner labeling machine
Automatic card labeling machine
Non - standard meal box plane labeling machine
Automatic vertical rolling round bottle
Semi-automatic round bottle labeling machine
Automatic round bottle positioning and labeling
Automatic flat labeling
Self-adhesive label factory

Dongjun Tech

Enterprise intelligent production ingenuity service provider


Dongguan Dongjun technology co., LTD. Is a focus on independent research and development, design, production, sales in the integration of automation equipment co., LTD., professional provide sticker labeling machine equipment, real-time printing equipment, automatic packaging line equipment and non-standard automation solutions, intelligent production for the enterprise to provide private custom service, help enterprise to optimize production, control costs, increase profits, the company excellent product quality, friendly professional service quality, to provide valuable advice for enterprise overall technology promoted reform, the company products are exported to Europe and the United States, South Korea, middle-south Asia and other international markets, With many domestic and foreign enterprises to establish a good and stable partnership, the trust of many customers


Large production base of 10000 square meters


Professional r & D, production and sales of various industries label equipment, packaging equipment, assembly equipment, intelligent production lines, super storage, to ensure adequate stock, stable delivery


Label factory

Labeling machine factory

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